Self-titled (2009)

1. A Brisk Pace Play

Time to look around There’s life moving somewhere in those trees I used to know those trees, I lived in one to breath the leaves, feel the breeze and see the bees As a matter of fact This whole scheme has got me on my knees Knocking shot-puts attached to two tiny tin legs Turning sand into glass Mud turns to grass and grass into plants As the clouds roll, ants are planning a path Partly out of passion for fame and fashion The shade of the mighty embracing those adjacent Left and right either side. Spreading ashes over turgid nectar Making heavy fruit that bows down to those willing A sturdy root filling a fissure you can climb If you’re careful, and stir not the fruit or else It falls, the neglected beauty decides to be mud And continues to feed whatever it can.

2. ‘Till then Play

My heart’s been dragged My heart’s been carried Now I’m married I shouldn’t be pluckin’ pedals from posies But if you don’t seed the garden You’ll reap just what you owe I’ll owe you until I die ‘Till then My hands been My legs have been bruised My body was used When we were knew I shouldn’t be at love’s Sally ann no more Digging for treasure in a pile of peat So I love you until I die ‘Till then My heart’s been dragged My heart’s been married The blues will be what carries me And one day buries me I said I’ll love you until I die ’till then Blue and alive ’till then A man in a child.

3. LEECHES! Play

I don’t know you And I don’t owe you any money You can show me The transformation of the honey Turns into bottles that turn into battles Burning brightly until they shatter Into a thousand pieces As I look through the scattered mess and think “Who can I make take me in?” All it led me to. You can leave me You can lead me city ’round To your apartment We’ll take our shoes off And you’ll tell me About the lightswitch Goes on and off it’s upside down We’ll take our clothes off In your apartment. As I look to the burning stars And think “Who, Why, what you are?” All it led me to Was you!

4. Sex Sex Cigarettes Play

I’m surrounded by little symbols That are supposed to represent me Supposed to present me I’m inside this box My four walls are stereotypical beauty Outside the city I’ve replaced sex with cigarettes Cuz you’re not here I’m not me I lost all the meaning Of hearing and seeing Cuz you’re not here I’m not me. The night light shivers When I walk underneath You’re thinking of me The sun shines everyday That’s not fair. Don’t bring me down Small town Cuz I got the blues I got the blues But I don’t got no options Cuz you’re not here And I spend every evening Just sleeping and wishing That you were here With me.

5. Fish in my net Play

At 3 a.m. Woke up cold But wasn’t tired So I built a fire Crunching paper slowly and discretely While your sleeping But I hear jah out Then burn the review Because it’s easy to talk But difficult to do Wearing my darkest coat My neck retreats The freedom of my cell and the confines of it’s warmth Is much more valuable then the fear of slumber And missing out on being The only one stirring Jah be sleeping Lie still my child Tried to give up So I crawled into bed Held you tight All you said Was “did you catch me anything?” I was empty handed I apologize for my fate has remanded Here I am stranded No fish in my net The call regret For missing the best hours of life I had been closing my mind to jah being so kind Even though I lost our boat and got no fish in my net I make it up to jah So tired of regret.

6. One Last Time Play

Why do I feel this way Why won’t you go away Everywhere I go I see your face Why do you torture me Why won’t you leave my dreams at least Please just let me sleep Takin’ a walk by myself Not thinking of anyone else But you I’ve tried to dispel your face From my every day But couldn’t we kiss please One last time Remember when we were young? Redefining love. I do.    

All tracks produced by Plum Tuckered and Duke L’orange at Hazel-Ridge Studios • All tracks engineered by Max Dupas at Hazel-Ridge studios

All right reserved Max Dupas and Chris Haywood 2009. Design by John Funk, Undscorefunk Design. Photography by Julianna Funk.

7. Slow shoes Play

Y’aint seen me lately Baby I’m changing the way I feel But you can’t feel the changing Cuz y’aint seen me in years I still recall those blue days You better stay far from my humble abode I still walk to where we used to meat To spit on the ground and wipe my dirty feet Your slow shoes could never catch me I ain’t getting caught near you babe As much as I like sleepin’ in a pile of hay With the dogs and their fleas in dismay. To tell you the truth mama The way you used to tell me I’ll always miss those blue days And the confusion you left on the back of me Your statues of prayer Were never my fancy Too many holes in my pockets And got too many beliefs I ain’t seen you lately But due to Another year of don’t wanna be home for one more day Wouldn’t mind seein’ you We could walk to that place where we used to meet I’d leave a note so she would catch me Un-attach me And finally let me sleep in the streets.

8. A Girl to Lay Beside Play

Let me hear you sing While I pour the wine Tell me something that I don’t hear all the time Or find another guy To lay beside. You don’t have to wear Your diamonds or your pearls I could use a dance If you could use a twirl But I just want a girl to lay beside. You can go around Kissing other boys All I know is that I don’t want your noise. And when you decide To leave my love behind You’d think that I’d move on Yeah, you’d think that I’d be fine But a boy needs a girl to lay beside.

9. Ain’t no one got the blues for jes’ 5 minutes Play

I been jiving’ now for about ten years I been low I been cold Playing the blues like I was broken Broke and leavin’ puffs of smoke I gone down to the window I been all round this town. The pail I keep my water in is cracked And has a hole Don’t got no more chickens Still got a dozen eggs I can’t pay my mortgage ‘cuz all I do is play the blues I’m tired of counting nickles Tearin’ holes in my pockets I’m tryin’ to write a record And this is my only tape Mom and Dad think I’m crazy My sis still says I’m great But my sis won’t buy the album ‘cuz the blues is what she hates Just like all the folks When I was in school Strum their strings and sing like folk I’ll take this axe And Jam the blues down your throat. Some men play for passion others play for fame The ladies dance so careless, they’re knocking down the tables Some men say they play But can’t cuz they hurt their wrist Some men say they know what’s big and you’re it. So make me big already I say Some men chew potato chips While they tell you you’re the next thing So make me big, pig! I need to buy my chickens back My rooster’s getting lonely He doesn’t crow or strut no more I caught him stealing my liquor Ah, he must have the blues ‘cuz I know how he feels. I’m lookin’ to hide from my troubles In a small forgotten town I wear my winter hat I wear my sunglasses But I can’t hide my frown. I been to weddings, I been to funerals So I guess I’ve been to church Pay my rent, I pay my taxes And I pay to get to work. My mind is busy, yeah it seems frantic The river’s too fast for it to freeze It only gets cold when it gets windy Trudging through snow up to my knees I walk the blues Can’t shake these blues, it ain’t funny And it happens all the time I’ve even managed to have the blues even when I’m feeling fine. If I had a good girl beside me And a strong fire at my back Or if it was cold and dark and lonely the blues ain’t never gonna be what I lack. I got have a dozen eggs left Even breakfast give me’s the blues I ain’t written nothing special In more than a year I pawned off all my tillers For bread and cheese for lunch I broke my handle on my guitar case So I gotta walk far And no, brother, I don’t have a car Ramblin’ and gamblin’ on the highway Jus’ tryin’ to survive but do it my way I don’t shout out my blues I sing ‘em the shy way And when I use my last coins in that ol’ Jukebox Only enough for a single song I choose the blues. Baby I’ma make it Some big pig told me so He knows some guy from boston Who plays the blues in Chicago Then there wont be eggs for dinenr And I’ll fill the tank with oil We could turn the lights on, baby Even when we ain’t home I’d buy a bigger tractor and even paint it too To blend in with what I made from blue Starin’ at my whiskey so I don’t see the pourin’ rain. When I get paid I’m up an’ leavin’ I’ma takin’ a midnight train That wind she sets me a roamin’ so far from prairie life I’ll bring my six string and my hound dog And we’ll ride that train all night And we’ll howl those blues All the way Down the line. I know it can’t happen Hard to get paid in this life I just caught my rooster cheatin’ On me with my wife I knew she was gonna leave me ‘cuz she finished my bottle of beam The blues got my goose It made my rooster loose All the time I spend Tryin’ to stay alive Ate my last to eggs for dinner The well is runnin’ dry But I got some rhythm and a couple of moves It’s true. I got the blues I ain’t getting worried The blues don’t need to hurry You set the pace You’ll win the race We’ll just blues until we’re done.