Duke L’Orange

Duke L’Orange was born in the winter of 1979 in a good Winnipeg home under strict parental and grandparental supervision. Duke spent most of his early years learning how to play poker for pennies and mastering the ability to bluff properly.

Deciding that his love for gambling at such an early age was a great issue to the development of Duke’s childhood priorities, his parents bought him his first guitar when he was 16. After that Duke would play guitar for too many hours to even be considered healthy so his parents bought him a treadmill to distract him from his grinding and possibly get him back into shape.

Although forced to stay on a treadmill for hours, Duke never stopped playing the guitar and went so far as to drop out of school before graduation – just to play guitar while walking on the treadmill. After countless hours of walking whilst playing guitar Duke was overwhelmed with the idea of putting his gambling, guitar playing, and unnatural ability to walk long distances to a more suitable lifestyle. It was as if something was calling him away from the small city streets and ever growing gambling debts.

One day he found out what it was that had been calling him… It was the highway.

So Duke left his family and his old Winnipeg life and started doing all of his rambling and gambling on the highway, playing the guitar for days while he walked without stopping to eat or sleep – only to gamble.

It was on this highway that Duke L’Orange encountered Plum Tuckered. Despite their differences, a strong friendship was eventually formed between the two blues players after fighting numerous times and drinking Jim Beam.

Duke and Plum then met their drummer, Norm Chura, at his farm just off the highway and decided to call themselves Darling Friday. The band was discovered shortly thereafter by Max Dupas and Chris Haywood of Hazel-Ridge Studios, where they would cut their first album.

Plum Tuckered

Plum was born on August the 6th 1980 on a poultry farm near Winnipeg in Manitoba. Throughout his childhood he spent most of his time either hiding from his parents in a large oak to escape chore duties, or he was in the chicken coop trying to compile a first edition English – Cluck Dictionary.

In the summer of 1987 there was a grain related explosion on the Tuckered family farm. Though no one was hurt, the explosion give birth to a large fire that engulfed all the chicken coops. Leaving horrible images and a delicious smell that Plum could never forget. He was never the same since that day.

During Plum’s teenage years he took up the hobby of moustache grooming. Plum’s parents were concerned about young Plum’s behavior. So in 1990 for his tenth birthday they bought Plum his very first guitar. However Plum’s parents never knew what would be in store for their son.

Plum would sit aloft a branch for days on end, refusing to come down, playing his guitar. The guitar turned into the only thing to keep his horrifying memories at bay.

Plum inherited the family farm in the year 2000 after his parents decided to move to a small island near Japan. Plum married a local girl and they eventually decided to buy their first rooster.

Plum had created a unique guitar sound. Because of his lack of training and constant practicing, he had forged his very own un-immitatable style. His drive for honest blues music, and Jim beam eventually led him to decide that it was time to find an affordable recording studio so that his music could finally be captured.

In the year 2008, on a highway near Anola Manitoba, Plum Tuckered walked in search of a recording studio. After several days of walking he came face-to-face with another man. This man was Duke L’Orange. After sharing a bottle of beam and several highway brawls the two vagabonds decided that they would join ranks.

Later that year after meeting drummer Norm Chura (also on the highway) the three of them formed Darling Friday. During a routine practice one day, two local men (Max Dupas and Chris Haywood) had been listening in on the Darling Friday practice. And with the presentation of a contract that will have the three members of Darling Friday in debt to Hazel-Ridge studios indefinately, Darling Friday began to record.

With the completion of their first album Plum Tuckered has only just begun to make a name for himself. Plum continues to play, write and record as he draws nearer everyday to the cross-roads.

Max Dupas

Norm Chura

Drummer, snowmobile racer, farmer- Born in Beausejour, Manitoba on September 9, 2009?. Norm grew up on a farm near Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He was raised with a “work hard, play hard” ethic, and learned from an early age the art and enjoyment of entertaining.

His first experience on the drums was at a garage band party. He picked up the sticks and fell in love with the percussion instrument. His father took him for music lessons but his ear for music and keen sense of rhythm took lead. Norm joined his first band at the age of 15 and little did he know that his passion would keep him in the industry for decades.

Norm bought a set of drums, loaded up his ’57 ford, and entertained for thousands at dances, socials, weddings, and bars in Winnipeg as well as eastern Manitoba for the next 17 years. He played with Pope’s Nose, Instrumental Stars, Giant Stride, Loving Stuff, BJ5, Bonnie Mickey, Plasocth, Paul Dutch in Polka Pals, Brian Ruckall, and Scott Wasney in Blue Steel. Playing mostly cover tunes from classic rock bands or filling in for other drummers – Norm has always enjoyed playing any music from Polka to the Blues.

A serious accident in 1990 which left him with a disabling injury to his left hand forced Norm to lay down the sticks for a number of years. He then pursued his passion for snowmobile racing. For a number of years Norm and his wife attended many music festivals where he was introduced to and drawn to new genres of music. When the time came to retire from snowmobiling Norm was drawn back to his Drumming.

Overcoming his injury in 2007, he picked up the sticks again and began to play with local musicians, first for fun, but his passion soon returned in full. Norm played an eclectic range of music from gospel to country to rock and blues. Norm started playing with bands such as The Dream Catchers, Brothers of Invention, and Midstream. While jamming with friends in his home built studio pit, he formed a trio with Max Dupas and Chris Haywood and went on to record his first album at Hazel-Ridge Studios.

Hobbies include snowmobiling, skiing, traveling, manufacturing race sleds and racing product, relaxing, tanning in the sun, motorcycling, and listening to all kinds of music.